Broadstairs Folk Week Festival Laughter Sessions

CarolineManning_LY_BroadstairsFolkWeeekWebPageTadah!… Announcing the Laughter Yoga sessions which are part of the Broadstairs Folk Week Festival during August this year and featured in the programme too!

As I mentioned back in March, I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be able to take part in this week long event which attracts folk singers, dancers, entertainers and crafters the world over and brings thousands of people to Broadstairs for the festival every year.

So, the details of when you can come along and join in a laughter session (bring a friend too):

Free to All
I will be running laughter sessions down at the Broadstairs Bandstand three times during the week. These sessions are open to everyone on Monday 11th,Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th of August starting at 1pm – 1:45 pm everyone welcome, all ages, club members too, no equipment, no experience, no sense of humour required and no charge! whoo hoo!

Festival Ticket Holders Only
If you hold a Festival Ticket (FT) e.g. if you have a day, weekend or week Festival Pass for the Broadstairs Folk Week then you can come along to the morning laughter clubs I will be running on the on the Campsite, in the Atrium. These laughter sessions are ONLY open to FT holders and will be starting at 8:30am and run until 9:00am on the mornings of 9th-15th August 2014.


Subscribe to the Laughter Yoga e-mail list
Please Subscribe to the Laughter Yoga e-mail list if you wish to receive an e-mail when the next Laughter Yoga Club is running or hear about any other laughter events that are coming up that you can join in with e.g workshops, classes, webinars or retreats.

If you are coming to Broadstairs for the Folk Week Festival let me know, join in at the Bandstand and come have a laugh with me!

Until we meet,

Caroline Mx