Laughter Yoga Club Stopping


The Broadstairs Laughter Club has run successfully for a year (3rd Oct 2013 – 2nd Oct 2014) and I’ve been delighted with it and what it has provided for me and for you here in Thanet, as are the many members who attend (up to 20 wonderful men and women every month). However, my personal circumstances have changed and as such require that I stop the monthly Laughter Yoga Club I’m sad to say that the club has now stopped and will not be running on Thursday the 6th of November 2014, I have asked the Portland Centre to put […] Read more »

Laughter Club Photo October


What a lovely Laughter Club we had on Thursday the 2nd of October. At the end of the session we got a great piccie of us all, and a special thank you to our new member who took the photo for us  you can click on the picture to go to a bigger image. A great mix of laughter exercises old and new and a really lovely laughter yoga session. Until next time, Caroline Mx Read more »

Laughter Club October


It is indeed that time again, Laughter Club this week on Thursday the 2nd of October 2014, 1-2pm in the afternoon, in The Portland Centre (Mulberry Room), Hopeville Avenue, St Peter’s, Broadstairs, CT10 2TR (Click on the picture to the left to see the full flyer). We’ll be celebrating the fact that the Broadstairs Laughter Club is now 1 year old. Wow! the past year has flown by so quickly! Remember you can drop in any month, no experience, no equipment and no sense of humour required, simply a willingness to play and have fun. It will be wonderful to see […] Read more »

Laughter Yoga in the Journal of the Institute of Welfare

WelfareWorld Journal_Edition7_2014

I’m delighted to be featured discussing Laughter Yoga, what brought me to it and the mind-body benefits that the exercises give in the Journal of the Institute of Welfare “Welfare World”. This is the 7th Edition of the Journal and it goes out to all those engaged in people support, counselling and guidance. Looking forward to connecting with more people the world over to bring more laughter into lives. Yay! Caroline Mx Read more »

is Financial Freedom Something on Your ‘To Do’ List?


Hey, I’m asking because it is on mine and it is for many of my one to one private clients. However, if you don’t know what Financial Freedom means or what you need to do to achieve it then you’ll never have it, make sense? This post is to give you a heads up about one of my colleagues, Ann Wilson, a self made multi millionaire who is running a Financial Freedom video series clearly explaining what it is and what to do to achieve it. I’ve watched the videos and they go into fabulous detail about what you need to do […] Read more »

East Kent Carer Forum Runs Laughter Yoga Session


Are you a Carer in Kent? I ask because it is one of the roles I have in my life and at times it can be challenging. If you live in Canterbury, Dover and Thanet then you should be aware of  Carers Support as they support those who care for a relative or friend. You can find out more by contacting them at I’m delighted to say I’ll be running a Laughter Yoga session for Carers at the East Kent Carers Forum on the 17th of October entitled ‘Keep Calm & Laugh’. It is an all day event addressing lots of […] Read more »

Laughter Club September


I hope you have had a fabulous summer, I certainly have. In fact I’m quite sad to see it draw to a close but at the same time I’m happy that it is Laughter Club time again Just a quick post to let you know the monthly Laughter Club returns after the summer break next week on Thursday the 4th of September, 1-2pm in the afternoon, in The Portland Centre (Mulberry Room), Hopeville Avenue, St Peter’s, Broadstairs, CT10 2TR (Click on the picture to the left to see the full flyer). Remember you can drop in any month, no experience, […] Read more »

Broadstairs Laughter Club Article in Thanet Gazette

22Aug14_Laughter Yoga Club_ThanetGazette

Whoo hoo, here it is! The article that David from the Thanet Gazette wrote after joining us in July at the monthly Laughter Yoga Club in Broadstairs, the last class before summer break. Loving it Click on the picture to read the article. The Laughter Yoga Club is on again after the summer holidays here in Broadstairs, Kent, UK on the 4th of September 2014, all details of the monthly club sessions are on the Laughter Yoga Club web page (or by clicking the button with the same name above on the navigation tool bar). If you want to keep […] Read more »