Day 1 of 30 – My 3 Words: Cat Dog Pony

Day 1 - Cat Dog Pony

Woo hoo! the first 3 words of the ‘3 for 30′ December 2013 event, and we’re off I chose animals this morning, other suggestions would be peoples names, places, fruits, vegetables, furniture, clothing, things you love, things you hate, what you had for breakfast. You choose. let yourself have some fun with it, and if you can’t think of a single word then just use my words for today. write them down, score them for yourself and get tapping already. Until tomorrow, Caroline Mx P.S. You can Share the ‘3 for 30′ event with your friends and family, be brave […] Read more »

Ready For A More Joyful You?


Hello again, December is fast approaching, arguably one of the most stressful of months of the year, in many countries it is dark, it’s dingy and it can be downright depressing. Christmas is rolling up, there are family gatherings, lots of money stuff, planning and expectations all round. It is also near the end of the year, a time when we notice all the things we have not yet done that we said we wanted to do, another year has just flown by. Is it any different? have we done any better? There’s so much more to do, stress, stress, stress […] Read more »

Are You Stepping Up Or Slowing Down?

Caroline Manning 3 for 30 a more joyful you

Hello there, It has been very interesting talking to different people over the last week. Half seem to be slowing down, pulling back, getting ready for Christmas and ready to finish up with 2013 while the other half, like me, are looking at this up coming last month of 2013 as an opportunity to step up, get out there, finish strong and on a high for 2013. Which group are you in? packing up, resigned that all that can be done for this year has been done so roll on 2014 or are you stepping it up, getting that last […] Read more »

Cardiff Laughter Workshops


Hello, How are you today? I’m still bubbly with laughter after the lovely day Jayne and I had running Laughter Sessions for a business in Cardiff. We were part of the in-house wellness day and we ran four sessions of 30 minutes each. It went down very well and was enjoyed by all, great feedback with many in the group moving on the laughter scale by 3 points. As you can see in the piccie Jayne and I are glowing at the end of the day! If you would like to have an event with Laughter sessions for yourself, your […] Read more »

Awesome Authors Bootcamp

The Millennium Conference Centre Gloucester

I spent the weekend at the Millionaires Bootcamp for Authors in London from the 1st to the 3rd of November. What a wonderful event. I met lots of friends, some who I first met more than 6 years ago, some I have only recently become friends with and others that I was sitting next to and got chatting with over the weekend. It is a wonderful thing to mix with so many authors and see so many different speakers. Each one had valuable information to share. The thing I enjoyed most was hearing each of their stories of where they […] Read more »

Ever Dreamed of Writing A Best Selling Book?

Millionaire Bootcamp for Authors

Hi there, If you HAVE been dreaming about writing that best seller and don’t know where to start, or you have already published and want to learn more about how you can raise the profile of your book then I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Sephanie Hale. Stephanie has created an exciting event called ‘The Millionaire Bootcamp for Authors’ it is for established Authors and aspiring Authors alike, to be trained for 3 days by some of the world’s best selling authors and publishing experts. The bootcamp is happening in London from the 1st to the 3rd […] Read more »