Laughter Yoga Club Stopping

2Oct2014LaughterClubPhotoThe Broadstairs Laughter Club has run successfully for a year (3rd Oct 2013 – 2nd Oct 2014) and I’ve been delighted with it and what it has provided for me and for you here in Thanet, as are the many members who attend (up to 20 wonderful men and women every month).

However, my personal circumstances have changed and as such require that I stop the monthly Laughter Yoga Club :(

I’m sad to say that the club has now stopped and will not be running on Thursday the 6th of November 2014, I have asked the Portland Centre to put a note on the door saying ‘Laughter Club No Longer Running’ for those who turn up for the club this week that are not on e-mail/my lists, so that they know.

I wanted to let you know and say thank you so very much for the time I’ve had and the laughter I have enjoyed and shared with you over the past year :)

The photo above is the one we took at the last laughter club in October, the first Birthday and the last laughter session all in one!

Until we meet again, take care – laugh lots and thank you,

Caroline Manning xx

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