Meet Caroline

I remember feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and like I was dying inside.

I was so busy being busy. I had lost ‘me’ and what it meant to be me in the busy-ness of doing everything for everyone else. I didn’t know how to stop it or where to start to re-claim myself. I was trying to do it all on my own.

I was sacrificing everything to hold it together for everyone else.

Fortunately for me (though truly at the time it did not feel like it) I couldn’t just ‘settle’, I wouldn’t accept that this was the way my life was going to be, endless to do lists and tasks, looking after parents and children and never putting myself first. I had so much and so many amazing things in my life yet I was miserable, spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

If this was what motherhood and midlife had to offer me then you could keep it!

I hit the place (hard) where I realised that life is simply not worth living unless you actually feature in it yourself, are ‘Alive’ (with a capital A), engaged, joyful, fulfilled and loving it – not just going through the motions of it.

So I set about bit by bit getting conscious about what I was doing, putting in boundaries, carving out the space and time for myself, clearing the daily stress, strains and demands.

I asked for the help and support I needed from friends, family, colleagues, coaches and mentors. I got as clear about my own precious time as I was about the time I gave away to everyone else.

Doing these things let me find myself again and fully connect with the things that gave me joy. When I did that then being ‘me’ became great fun again and my roles such as wife, mother, daughter and business woman became much easier.

If I can take ownership of my life, move from duty to joy, clear the stress, make decisions and choices that support me, then I know you can do it too. I can show you how.

I am thriving now instead of surviving. I have also stopped striving (read – stressing and pushing) phew what a relief! and instead I am enjoying ‘arriving’ and being here in the moment, present in my own life. That is not to say that more hurdles won’t arise, as I continue to grow and change they always will, and I’m prepared. I have developed the skill set, practices and support network to keep going and following my heart and I am living my life on purpose.

My passion and joy is in working with women, to clear the daily stress, strain and demands, so that they finally have the space to breathe, decide what they want in their lives then get it.

After all, why waste your precious time and energy stressing when you could be spending that energy on getting clear, moving forwards and loving your life instead?

Let me help you to get clear on where you want to go, share simple techniques to help you let go of what no longer serves you and support you in putting the steps in place to love the life you are living and live your life on purpose.


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