Meeting Dr Kataria Laughter Yoga Founder in Manchester

CarolineManningMadanKataria2014_FinalI spent last weekend with hundreds of laughter leaders and teachers from around the world on an Advanced Laughter Yoga day.

We spent the day with the Laughter Founder Dr Madan Kataria himself at the Comedy club in Manchester, UK. This advanced event was the start of a Laughter Yoga weekend  which included a conference and other laughter events with other talks and sessions lined up all over Manchester, Bristol and London over the following week.

On the Saturday evening there was a party with lots of laughter, games, singing and dancing – some of which set me off laughing big time! I managed a quick chat and photo pose with Dr Kataria during the evening party :)

Then on the Sunday morning at 7am I was there for the morning meditation where we learned to laugh silently (perfect for early morning laughter when every one else in the house is still asleep) and hum resonantly which I very much enjoyed. We finished off the morning session with a short meditation and relaxation a great start to the day.

So, all in all a great weekend and lots of new friends and laughter yoga skills to bring to my work in the monthly laughter club and with my clients in community, corporate, school and residential settings. Fabulous!

Keep on laughing,

Caroline Mx

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