This page lists all the press releases in newspapers, on-line, on boards and in magazines plus any other places where we may have been featured.

Laughter Yoga in the Journal of the Institute of Welfare

WelfareWorld Journal_Edition7_2014

I’m delighted to be featured discussing Laughter Yoga, what brought me to it and the mind-body benefits that the exercises give in the Journal of the Institute of Welfare “Welfare World”. This is the 7th Edition of the Journal and it goes out to all those engaged in people support, counselling and guidance. Looking forward to connecting ... Read more »

East Kent Carer Forum Runs Laughter Yoga Session


Are you a Carer in Kent? I ask because it is one of the roles I have in my life and at times it can be challenging. If you live in Canterbury, Dover and Thanet then you should be aware of  Carers Support as they support those who care for a relative or friend. You can find ... Read more »

Broadstairs Laughter Club Article in Thanet Gazette

22Aug14_Laughter Yoga Club_ThanetGazette

Whoo hoo, here it is! The article that David from the Thanet Gazette wrote after joining us in July at the monthly Laughter Yoga Club in Broadstairs, the last class before summer break. Loving it Click on the picture to read the article. The Laughter Yoga Club is on again after the summer holidays here in ... Read more »

Broadstairs Folk Week at the Bandstand with Photos

Laughter Session Broadstairs Folk Week 13Aug2014_1

What a great week, we had group Laughter Yoga sessions running at the Broadstairs Bandstand for three afternoons over the Folk Week Festival @FolkWeek. Each day saw a few hundred people sat around the bandstand having sandwiches for lunch with little ones and grown ups dancing on the boards. We started the sessions with a quick talk about ... Read more »

Broadstairs Folk Week Runs 8th-15th August 2014


Yes, it all kicks off THIS Friday the 8th of August 2014, the Annual Folk Week Festival (49th), here in sunny Broadstairs, Kent, also known as ‘The Garden of England’. The 1st Laughter Yoga session (of 7) is on Saturday the 9th of August at 8:30 in the morning until 9am on The Charles Dickens School site, see your official ... Read more »

Thanet Star Features Laughter Club Article


The Thanet Star today features an article written by Illisia Adams after she attended our Laughter club in June. Illisia and I connected on-line and she kindly agreed to come along to the laughter club to take photographs for me. As you can imagine it is difficult to get photos of yourself running a class so ... Read more »

Announcing The Broadstairs Folk Week Laughter Sessions


I’m delighted to announce the Broadstairs Folk Week laughter sessions. I have set up a dedicated Folk Week Laughter Session web page with all the date and time information HERE. There are 3 sessions from the 9th-15th August which are open to all at the Broadstairs Bandstand. For Festival ticket holders ONLY there are laughter sessions ... Read more »

On Academy 107.8FM with Howard Evans Tonight

Left to Right - Barry, Luke, Caroline and Howard Evans on Academy 107.8FM

I was delighted to be on the Howard Evans radio show this evening, here in Thanet, talking about Laughter Yoga. We listened to “The Mystery TV Tune” and the winner phoned in receiving 2 tickets for a local show. Howard then asked me about the Laughter Club that runs here in Broadstairs on the first Thursday of ... Read more »

Laughter Club Photo 1 May 2014

1st May Laughter Club Photo

What a lovely Laughter Club we had last Thursday on the 1st of May. I was delighted to take a photo of nearly everyone in the group. There were 19 of us all together on the day and we had a great mix of laughter exercises old and new, a really lovely session. Been meaning to come ... Read more »

The Creativity and Wellness Summit


I’m so excited to tell you about my colleague Krylyn Peters who will be interviewing international experts, including me – see my piccie, who use THE #1 TOOL for moving through stuckness …CREATIVITY. This is a one-of-its-kind, on-line event showcasing the healing power of creativity and it is called the “Creativity and Wellness Summit”. If you are ... Read more »

In the Broadstairs Town Guide

BroadstairsTownGuide 2014-2015

Well hello, I am delighted to tell you that we are featured in the Broadstairs Town Guide each month and also on page 41 as an advert, Whoo hoo! You can see the guide electronically by clicking on the picture to the left or HERE if you haven’t already got your paper copy from a shop in town. The ... Read more »

Ready to Awaken the Warrior Within?

Awaken the Warrior Within Poster EventBrite Updated

What are you up to on the 29th of March? How about coming along to this one day event in London at the Columbia Hotel, 9-6pm? I’ll be there and I’m presenting on the day too  Click on the picture to see the full poster and to buy a ticket go here (event now over). The ... Read more »

Laughter Yoga in the Broadstairs Folk Week Festival!

Broadstairs Folk Week

I have some very exciting news to share. Laughter Yoga will be part of the Broadstairs Folk Week Festival in August this year. I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to be able to take part in this week long event which attracts folk singers, dancers, entertainers and crafters the world over and thousands of people to ... Read more »

Laughter Club is Listed on Visit Thanet

Laughter Club on Visit Thanet website

I’m delighted to tell you that the laughter club is up on the Visit Thanet website as of late last week! Visit Thanet is a fabulous resource for people living in and for those visiting Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate – which all together are known as the Thanet Isle. Just search for ‘laughter’ on the Visit Thanet ... Read more »

On the Broadstairs & St Peter’s Town Council Boards

Laughter Club on Town Council Boards

Whoo hoo, this past week has seen the laughter club flyers up on the town council notice boards throughout Broadstairs and St Peter’s (click on the picture to see the larger picture). I’m absolutely delighted that more people are learning about this free monthly club open to men and women of all ages and backgrounds throughout ... Read more »

Laughter Club Featured in Community News


Woo hoo! 8th January 2014 and the Laughter Yoga Club was featured in the Kent Messenger Newspaper today You’ll see all the people who came to our very first Laughter Club here in Broadstairs, Thanet, back in October and a piccie of me looking flushed at the end of the session, yes Laughter really ... Read more »

In the papers again and I’m loving it!

3Jan2013 Broadstairs Laughter Club featured in the Thanet Gazette

Did you see the paper last Friday on the 3rd of January? the Laughter Yoga Club was mentioned again, thank you Thanet Gazette. I’ve been receiving lots of phone calls and many new people will be joining us in the January Laughter Club which runs this Friday 10th January, hope to see you there. Caroline Mx P.S. this ... Read more »

Laughter Club in the Thanet Gazette Local Press

In the Thanet Gazette

The Broadstairs Laughter Club has had it’s 1st appearance in the local press this past Thursday the 6th of December 2013 and I managed to get a copy of it for you to see. Can’t wait for the next class and looking forward to meeting old and new friends alike in the next class on the ... Read more »

Cardiff Laughter Workshops


Hello, How are you today? I’m still bubbly with laughter after the lovely day Jayne and I had running Laughter Sessions for a business in Cardiff. We were part of the in-house wellness day and we ran four sessions of 30 minutes each. It went down very well and was enjoyed by all, great feedback with many ... Read more »