Private Programs

Why choose a private program?

The reality is that you can only do so much in an hour, don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with clients and in an hour together we have shifted mountains, read client testimonials. However, if you want to change a life time of habits, beliefs and behaviours and make BIG changes in your life then the truth is that it can take a bit longer. Working with me in a private program provides the perfect stage for this.

The benefits of choosing a private program

  • Programs are set over a structured time frame with a particular results based focus. This shifts you from ‘airy fairy’ dreaming about your ideal life into the hands on practicalities and joy of living it.
  • We dig deep so that you can let go of all those old unconscious beliefs and habits that no longer serve you and free you up to re-set your thermostat so you can easily stop playing small, step it up and allow more into your life.
  • You get absolutely clear about where you are now, connect with what you REALLY want and what you need to do to get it.
  • You hit the ground running with clarity, inspiration and a whole new perspective on what is possible and achievable for you (it’s often much more than my clients first imagined!).
  • Being part of a program provides one to one regular calls to support you, acknowledge you, keep you focused, accountable and every powerful call clears your path forward and builds on the others creating huge shifts, traction and results for you. For many of my clients it is the difference that finally makes a difference.

I also give great bonuses to clients on my programs, like additional distance energy clearing and healing sessions, a weekly reflection sheet, goals and progress checks and e-mail contact with me for the duration of the program as you make these shifts and changes in your life (to name a few).

Are you ready to put yourself first, let me help you, have it be easy and transform your life?

Yes? then I want to talk with you, we do this on a discovery call.

What is the discovery call?

The discovery call is a very valuable call, it is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and work out if we have the desire to take the next step and work together in a program. I’ll be asking you questions and getting to know you, and you me, then at the end of the call I will share my suggestions with you.

You will learn and get really clear for yourself where you are sticking and what is stopping you from ‘having it all’ in your life. You will also understand how much is possible for you just by stepping through the discovery process with me. It’s easy I promise.

I want to have a discovery call with you Caroline, what do I do now?

You book in your 45 minute, no charge, discovery call by calling me on UK(+44) 01843 807918 or arrange your discovery call with me by using the Contact Page.


Still have some questions? Contact Caroline