Ready to Awaken the Warrior Within?

Awaken the Warrior Within Poster EventBrite UpdatedWhat are you up to on the 29th of March? How about coming along to this one day event in London at the Columbia Hotel, 9-6pm? I’ll be there and I’m presenting on the day too :) Click on the picture to see the full poster and to buy a ticket go here (event now over).

The details… Awaken the Warrior Within is a completely transformational event bringing like-minded women together to find solutions to the real life challenges we all face regarding relationships, career, creativity, self, health and wealth. Why? Because we believe all women have the ability and power to change their lives no matter where they find themselves.

There is always an area of our lives we feel less than happy about. This is a day that will change lives by guiding you to find your inner confidence, strength, stamina, beauty, elegance, and wisdom. You will leave with more clarity and insight to make better choices in life, choices that lead to successful relationships, careers, adventures, and most importantly, wholeness, happiness and peace of mind.

You will learn practices from highly experienced experts, which will make you successful in your personal life and your career and assist you on your path to freedom. Don’t miss the chance to interact with Expert Speakers and Authors, EFT Practitioners, Lifestyle Coaches, Confidence, Style, Relationship and NLP Experts and even Psychic and Spiritual readers.

I’m looking forward to a great day out, let me know if you’ll be there!

Until we meet,

Caroline Mx

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