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CarolineVGVGYeahPolaroid2TextAre you looking for a light hearted, fun, interactive and informative speaker?

As a speaker, Caroline’s experience, passion and ability to connect with all ages allows her to deliver a group appropriate, invigorating talk which engages your audience.

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LaughterSessionPolaroidTextCaroline can bring Laughter Yoga to your location and work with your staff, students, clients, members or attendees in ice breakers, workshops, group activities, wellness days and team events in corporate, community, hospital, residential, school and festival settings. Just let her know what you are looking for and she’ll tailor the event to fit your group.

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Read what others say in the speaker and event testimonials below.

“It was really funny, made us feel good and was wonderfully different”

Northwood WI PolaroidText“Caroline, we wanted thank you for the ‘Laugh For Your Health’ talk which you did for our thirty members at the Northwood, Ramsgate Women’s Institute last week. It was really funny, made us feel good and was wonderfully different.

We really enjoyed your excellent relaxed presentation skills and found the talk very informative and exciting. It can be difficult to find speakers who are a bit different and still appeal to a wide age range but you did that. Everyone laughed and breathed, learned something new and it also gave us time to feel and think about ourselves, something we don’t often do.

I loved the interaction of the talk and how you showed us the laughter exercises before we did them. If you could do it we could do it too, it made it feel really easy to do and within just a few short minutes everyone just joined in. It really brought everybody together.

By the end of the meeting usually people are scooting off home but last week after your talk everybody hung around chatting, making new friends and being very sociable, it was lovely. It was the first time we had the group still there, half an hour after finishing time, we had to move ladies to clear the chairs away!

I would recommend you to others as an interactive speaker that can hold an audience and teach people how laughter can change their life and make them feel good. A great speaker to get a group socialising.

Thank you again Caroline for a very enjoyable evening.”

Doreen Davey, Programme Organiser
Northwood Women’s Institute, Ramsgate, Kent, UK.


 “Be prepared to have a good half hour of belly laughs and fun!”

CCHA_CarolineManning“Caroline and Jayne, thank you so much for the laughter sessions you ran for us on our ‘Wellness Day’ at the Cardiff Community Housing Association. We’ve had really good feedback about them.

Quite a few in the group of nearly 40 staff had not done Laughter Yoga before. Some were apprehensive as they went in to the sessions but quickly let go and really enjoyed it. At the end they came out feeling energised and very buoyant. They told me that it had not been what they had expected at all – in a good way!

You both came recommended and I would recommend you too. The laughter sessions were great to bring to our organisation as they were easy, interactive and light hearted. Be prepared to have a good half hour of belly laughs and fun! “

Sharon Barkley, ICT Co-Ordinator,
Cardiff Community Housing Association.


“Laughter yoga is good for children of all ages and abilities”

SmallHavenSchoolPolaroidText“Thank you for the recent laughter yoga class at Small Haven School. I had heard about your laughter yoga club and thought it might benefit our young people, all of whom have learning or behavioural difficulties.

I strongly believe in the power of laughter and encourage fun in the classroom as a happy, relaxed child is far more receptive to learning. Also, as we are such a small school, I think it is important for our students to meet new people and to access new experiences.

Seven KS1/2 students and four members of staff participated in the class. Initially, a few students were a little restless but soon became engaged once the laughter exercises began. As a laughter leader, you interacted well with our children. The lesson was well-structured and progressed at a steady pace, which is important for our students. I was surprised and pleased to see our less socially aware children participating and enjoying themselves.

The following day we all discussed the activity. The children talked happily about the experience and spoke about what they enjoyed most. We have since utilised some of the games and exercises in the classroom; in PE, Drama and Circle Time sessions.

Laughter yoga is good for children of all ages and abilities as it does not require specific skills or knowledge. It is an activity that everyone can participate in. We found the laughter yoga class to be a positive and worthwhile exercise and we will be recommending you to others.

Many thanks”

Caroline Vine, KS2 teacher, Small Haven School.


“Extremely Enjoyable and Invigorating”

holidayextras“We are Holiday Extras, based in Hythe, a relatively large Kent employer and we spend lots of our time investing in employee engagement and wellbeing. Twice a year, we have a wellbeing week.

We were particularly interested in Laughter Yoga and thought that it would be a great addition to our wellbeing week. To this end, we had you run a half hour session twice over the lunch time slots during the wellbeing week.

The Laughter Yoga sessions were fully booked and the feedback from staff that attended has been that the sessions were ‘Extremely enjoyable and something different, 10/10 and invigorating’.

Thanks so much for coming”.

Liz Hollamby, Holiday Extras, UK


“We Got Great Insights, It Was Very Positive”

“I heard about Laughter Yoga in lots of ways, through the local paper and I saw your flyers at the church.

I thought Laughter Yoga would be beneficial for our members at the Thanet Cancer Self Help Group, a bit of fun, something new and different. We had fourteen members on the night, we listened to the talk and then, those that could, got up and moving.

I personally most enjoyed the breathing. I think if we all learned to breathe properly we would all have far less problems.

The members were all very positive and said that they enjoyed it very much and I know that two of the ladies are planning to come to your laughter club.

Thank you for coming to our group Caroline, we got great insights, it was very positive and is worth mentioning to other people.”

Dawn Bradford, Committee Member,
The Thanet Cancer Self Help Group.


“It definitely brought a smile to our faces, something completely different!”

BreatheEasyThanetPolaroidText“Thank you Caroline for coming along and speaking to us at Breathe Easy Thanet yesterday. We had around twenty four members attend our regular monthly event and we very much enjoyed your talk about Laughter for Health.

I had heard about Laughter Yoga and thought that the breathing exercises you do would help our group. The Breathe Easy group suffer with things like Asthma, COPD, Emphysema and other chest ailments.

I thought that what you told us was very helpful. I didn’t expect to do the laughter and breathing exercises but when we did everyone happily participated and the session was good. I was surprised at the effect of what we did and that it can help with breathing problems and brighten our outlook too. I would recommend you as you made the members feel comfortable with what they did and brought about laughter and interest, also there are benefits.

The most valuable thing from the talk was that laughter is really good for you and we should all do it more often. The members came to me afterwards and told me how much they enjoyed it and that they thought your talk was very good. It definitely brought a smile to our faces, something completely different!”

Rod Thomas, Speakers Secretary, Breathe Easy Thanet, UK


“Very light hearted, friendly and enjoyable”

BroadstairsMorningGroupPolaroidText“We thought that a talk about Laughter would be a good idea. Two of our ladies had just been to your laughter club and suggested you as our speaker for next year then we had one of our booked speakers drop out at the last minute.

Thank you Caroline for stepping in and coming to the Broadstairs & St Peter’s Morning WI at such short notice. We thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Laugh for Health and Wellbeing’ talk and demonstration you gave to our members yesterday.

Around 35 members attended, of which many were elderly, and I could see that they all joined in. I really enjoyed the breathing exercises and was surprised at how physical laughter is!

I felt lifted at the end and would definitely recommend it and am looking forward to coming to a class soon. Very light hearted, friendly and enjoyable.”

Bobbie Ricks, Secretary,
Broadstairs & St Peter’s Morning Women’s Institute.


“We Thoroughly Enjoyed The Experience”

RichmondFellowship_CarolineManning“Thank you Caroline for the Laughter Yoga class you ran for our group of eight people at the Thanet Community Service centre yesterday.

We wanted to bring in laughter because we know that the power of laughter is under used. The Laughter Yoga session looked like a great fit for us, a way to help new members connect with existing members.

I have to say it was surprising how quickly the group were really laughing and getting into it, it was wonderful to see. I really didn’t expect it to be as much fun as it was. I noticed that you skilfully monitored and managed the changes in mood and energy for the group throughout the laughter session which put us at ease and helped us to relax.

It was great fun and everyone in the group connected, we also got to know each other a bit better. We loved the games and I thought that the grounding exercises in between were really good too. At the end people were chatting and smiling, you could see that they had let go of a lot of stress.

I would happily recommend a Laughter Yoga class with you Caroline as we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Katey Fronda, Community Link Worker,
Thanet Community Services, Kent, Richmond Fellowship.


“It is a Great Feel Good Factor”

AgeUK_Polaroid_textThank you for coming to Age UK Canterbury this week. I saw an article about you and Laughter Yoga in the local paper and I wanted to see what it was like.

We provide a range of services for older people living in Canterbury and the surrounding area, a day centre and a drop in facility. I like the idea of laughter as an exercise and I was curious so I thought it would be a great activity to arrange for our group.

Before you came one or two had said “I’m not doing that” and when you were doing the Laughter Yoga they were the ones that were doing it!

I enjoyed watching so many participate during the session, it was fun! We had around 30 attendees on the day and the session encouraged us all to interact together, real interaction and social interaction.

Personally the session made me feel better within myself, it certainly makes you hot! The most valuable thing was that it got the group animated and made them talk.

After the session one lady said she was feeling happy and relaxed, another that she loved it as it is something new and different and our gentlemen gave your session 10 out of 10. I’d certainly recommend it, it is a great feel good factor.

Thank you very much Caroline for coming,

Debby Turner, Day Centre Manager, Age UK, Canterbury


“I Was Full of Energy”
LanguageUKPolaroidText“We were looking for something different for our students to do.

I read that Laughter Yoga was a good way for people to bond and get to know each other so thought that we would give it a go for our students instead of the usual meeting and drinks.

For our session we had two teachers and eleven students, many had just arrived that day, everyone took part. The most valuable thing for me was the breathing exercises, the students most enjoyed the laughing with each other and the game.

Monday is a hard day for me, it is usually very busy and I feel shattered at the end of it. The session we had was fun and I felt very positive going home that evening. When I got home I was full of energy, which was good, and that carried over throughout the next day at work.

Noel, the other teacher who attended, said that he felt definite physical benefits and noticed that he was very relaxed in his shoulders after the session. He was surprised that he felt like that because he laughs a lot already!

Thank you Caroline.”

 Joanna Sessions, School Director, Language UK


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