Caroline works with her private clients from all over the world, on the telephone and via Skype. Here are some of the many testimonials that Caroline has received following the one to one transformational coaching work with those clients.

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I Got Real Clarity Around Choices Available To Me

“I said yes to working with Caroline because I am a counsellor myself. I’m open to different opportunities, new experiences and I was intrigued. I had also heard about her from a friend.

I was experiencing feelings of uncertainty and was unsettled so I brought this to our call. It helped me to look though the pre call sheet before the call as I was not sure what to expect. It was an interesting experience to work through issues and around them without getting into the specific details of the issues, more feeling into the emotions underneath and the impact of those.

Truthfully, I didn’t expect to go so deep and personal so quickly. It was very good for me to look at the links in my life and to go into personal stuff, it felt very easy and comfortable to do.

I was surprised about the way we got into the statement of intention rather than going into the nitty gritty of issues or situations, in particular how powerful that was. The statements felt strong and alive with true meaning rather than being just words. I enjoyed the way we found our way to the ‘correct’ statements, they were right for me, I knew it and could feel it.

After our call I experienced a feeling of lightness and of feeling more in control. The result of our call together was that I got real clarity around the choices available to me.

I would absolutely recommend you Caroline because the work we did together was enlightening, exciting, enjoyable and most of all it worked for me.

Thank you Caroline.”

Keith Osborne, Counsellor Health & Wellbeing,
London Metropolitan Police Services

Intuitive and Truly Magical

“Caroline and I set out on a journey over several telephone coaching sessions. In each session I found that she was able to quickly identify key issues to address, her intuitive approach was very successful in opening up new possibilities for me.

Caroline has the gift of bringing up what’s just beneath an everyday experience in a way which is truly magical. After just a few sessions I was clear on where I was going and had some wonderful new perspectives on how to get there. Thank you.”

David Regler, Trainer & Coach, UK

I Have Peace of Mind
“I was upset about a day-to-day event which had happened and I reacted in a way that was not usual for me. I knew that things were not helped by us coming up to a family anniversary, as it was hard each year to get through it. I was not sleeping well and felt weepy and tearful. I didn’t feel as if I had control.

I wanted to work with you Caroline because I knew, having spoken with you, that you work in lots of different ways and use different techniques and felt sure that you could help me. During our call I did not really think that there was much happening, it was only an hour long. What surprised me was how I felt after such a brief “treatment”. To have that feeling of calm and control after such a short time.

I slept much better after our call on Friday night; and had felt sure that I would. I woke up about 6.30 am with pain in both temples at the sides, but this soon dissipated. I went back to sleep and woke at 10 am, a much needed catch up on my sleep!

I felt calm and also empowered on Saturday. I went out for the day and it was different for me, nicer, I was not worrying about how long I would take, there was a sense of ease and calm. I really enjoyed it. I decided to visit an exhibition which I had been meaning to see for some time. I bought chips and sat outside to eat them before the visit, and afterwards had a hot chocolate drink before going home. It was a special day. A day just for me.

I have had to be very strong for my family and I did that for them readily, sometimes when I knew they could not do it for themselves. I notice that since our call I have tapped into that strength and used it for myself and my own health.

I have started doing lots of things for myself, taking a remedy, going for walks, herbal teas, capsules and eating healthily. Even with all the pressure going on in my life I have gone into action and I am looking after myself. I have noticed differences too. When attending an appointment recently I realised I had totally forgotten how tearful and upset I’d been towards the end of last year. I was not feeling like that anymore.

New Year’s Eve each year is usually a difficult time since our loss. Previously it would be this time of the year that I would have a feeling of ‘No Hope’ which I’ve had every year before. This year it hit me that I was not experiencing that feeling, I’m so much clearer and stronger in myself and I’m not dwelling on things. You helped me to release those emotions and grief. I have peace of mind.

Thank you so much for the session – it was just what I needed.

Anne, Kent, UK

What A Relief!

“I’ve been busy decluttering our home with great success, but it seemed impossible to get started on the last room, where quite a lot of stuff from other rooms had been dumped. I’d been really stuck on getting started in there.

On the call I felt at ease immediately, Caroline was friendly and I liked how she explored the problem and got on with addressing it. I was surprised how quickly she identified the blocks and helped me reduce them.

By the end of our call I felt really motivated to clear the room. I’m so glad Caroline told me it would take 2 days to integrate the clearing, otherwise I’d probably have thought that it hadn’t worked. That’s because for the first two days I felt quite unable to start. However by the third day I was ready and able to get into the room and de-clutter.

I’ve now made significant inroads into the room and got past the worst level of clutter. The bonus is that my daughter is selling off items to raise funds for her house move, my husband joined in to help, and my son has offered to help with the garage. Now it’s relatively straightforward to continue to clear in short 15 minute chunks. What a relief!

Thank you, Caroline.”

May Johnstone, DeliciousHealing.com , Scotland

Absolutely Amazing

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you gave me. You were absolutely amazing, I am very touched at how you could ‘feel’ me and how much you did for me. You are extremely intuitive, skilful and intelligent. So many thanks.”

N.Olliver, Teacher, UK

I Couldn’t Believe How Calm and Focused I Was

“I was excited to work with you because I knew you do EFT and Laughter Yoga. I also feel that we have a connection. I’m always fascinated about how people do their work, and I enjoyed seeing what you do in a session.

I was feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. There was too much going on in my personal and professional life and I was not sure what to focus on first. I was grateful you offered some calm in the storm.

Our session together grounded and centered me. It allowed me to disconnect on one level so that I could feel more connected on another. With about 2 days from launching an online telesummit – the Creativity and Wellness Summit 2014 – I couldn’t believe how calm and focused I was in a sea of things to do. I gained clarity and was able to move through each item and go on to have a successful event.

I’m always amazed at EFT and at how you came up with the words when we were tapping. I did not expect to feel immediate calm. As soon as we finished our call I noticed I did not feel as overwhelmed that afternoon.

The next day I was working away, really focused, choosing and doing things easily. I was getting stuff done, taking one thing at a time and I felt so calm in the middle of the storm. I wondered what was going on then I remembered the work we had done.

I have to say I have never been so calm before such a big launch before! What we did was fun, silly and helpful. I don’t know why it works but it does!

Yay Caroline, Thank you.”

Krylyn Peters, Owner of Finding Your Voice Institute LLC,
Phoenix, AZ USA, www.krylyn.com

Every Single Knot I Had Inside You Untied Them All

“I recently lost my mother and was feeling trapped and knotted up inside about everything to do with her passing and family relationships. I was drinking, smoking and eating more than I wanted to. It just felt like there were obstacles in my way everywhere, that whatever I wanted to do, I just couldn’t move forwards, everything was just so hard.

Then I worked with Caroline. At the beginning of our call I was quite nervous, but by the end of the call what a difference! I felt so relieved. It felt like she had gone through every single knot I had inside and untied them all.

Since my call with Caroline I am making different decisions, just doing day to day things differently. They probably seem like little things to other people but they’re a huge difference for me. I have said ‘No’ a few times and been able to make space and tell other people that I’m taking ‘me’ time. I just wouldn’t have done that before. I’ve stopped doing things I don’t want to do, like making everyone’s lunches and doing all the ironing, and am doing the things I want to do for me, like reading a book or going out for a coffee.

Honestly, I feel like I’ve never felt in my life before, like I have purpose. I feel much more open and bubbly. I am able to deal with situations better, the things that upset me last week, don’t upset me any more. I can talk about what needs to be done, before I would not say what I thought or I would get too emotional and upset talking about it.

I feel more in control of my own path, more assertive. I feel like a different person, my life now is more about me and pleasing myself, looking after myself. I know I can look after me AND look after others at the same time, it used to be only one or the other. I’m stopping smoking and looking after my health in ways I haven’t before.

I even took a new job opportunity that I would have turned down in the past and am getting noticed by customers for the great work I do in the job I’m in. I’ve been telling everybody at work about you Caroline!

Thank you.”

Yvonne, Kent, UK

Connecting With My Creativity

“Although I have done lots of energy work, I was not sure what to expect with Access Consciousness Bars. I have been experiencing some low level background anxiety over the last while and also struggling with creativity.

After the Bars session with Caroline the low level anxiety was gone (silence instead of a background hum) and I found that I was able to come up with some simple practical sustainable strategies – which I’m now using in order to connect with my own creativity.

This process happens in the background and is quietly and deeply effective. Highly recommended.”

Anne Walsh www.the-excel-expert.com & www.annewalshcoach.com

Angels Do Walk The Earth!

” Good morning Caroline :) I can’t thank you enough for your kindness yesterday. It restores so much faith to know angels do walk the earth! I have read and re-read my statements of being and intention and I need to put them on sticky notes all around the house!!

I definitely noticed some changes after our call in both my thoughts and my behaviour but the most significant breakthrough, for me, was the understanding I now have of my emotions and their manifestations. Guilt is still lodged in my throat but its nothing compared to how it first felt. Also knowing where this guilt initially came from has practically removed all anxiety. I did smoke in the evening but it was no where near as much.

Games night with my daughter was a giggle – we played two games for probably 45 minutes. This was because I had put it off first to do dinner and washing up and blah blah blah so I limited our time. Next Thursday games come first so we can play for the two hours uninterrupted time I want to give her.

I also read the e.book (which I should of done before our call) because honestly it was as if you had personally written about me and for me!!!!!!

Take good care and see you soon x ”

Susan, Kent, UK

Safe, Supportive and Non-Judgemental

“Using EFT, I was able to clear a past trauma that I had repressed for 16 years in the space of two hours.  As we worked on the trauma I felt my whole body relax and the permanent tension in my back dissolve and as yet it hasn’t come back.  The result is that this experience, which when I thought about it would bring me to tears, simply doesn’t bother me now.

Caroline is very intuitive and sees and spots patterns in my life that I hadn’t noticed which opens up the possibility of changing them.  I always felt very safe with her as she is very accepting and non-judgemental.  She has a great sense of humour and all the sessions I had with her were fun, even when we were dealing with serious issues.

Caroline has been very supporting and positive and I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to make changes in their life.”

N.G.  IT Consultant, UK

Now I can access and use all this knowledge!

“I have been in my business for a long time and I know most things. I also knew I needed shaken up on the things I knew that I needed to do but was not doing. That was the crime and that is why I chose to work with Caroline. Doing this work has woken up stuff in me that I knew already but was not doing.

Since our one hour call together I have been motivated. I’ve been calling and connecting with my customers. Work that was in the pipeline is now coming through the door, I have new parcels and quotes in and I am being recommended to new contacts. I’m very, very busy and I’m very pleased. In the last week since our call I can see that it is all happening, new business is coming in.

I have many years of experience and I have never before reached this level of learning and applying, what I mean is that I am taking my knowledge into action. It is like my time with Caroline has moved the knowledge around from the back of my head to the front and now I can access it and use it properly. I can access and use all this knowledge for my customers and more than that, for myself in my own life and in my own business which I know I was not doing before.

I thought I was already using all that knowledge in my head but ‘knowing it’ is not the same as being able to get to it and use it. Now I feel like I’m back on the rails and going somewhere instead of spending all those hours doing this and that, yet still not having the time to do what I have to do. I have my enthusiasm and I’m back on track.

Caroline you are a star 10/10, thank you.”

David Purdie, Florida, USA

An Amazing Sense of Solidness Within Me

“I really enjoyed the liberating effects of the tapping and declarations. I found our session to be so beneficial for my soul as I am now in a state of transition into higher ground.

After the session I felt energized and centred. It was such a lovely feeling. A few hours later as I was driving to go meet with my best friend for a mani and pedi! (one of my grounding actions) and I felt an amazing sense of solidness within me, as if someone was holding my heart inside of me. I think this was because together we acknowledged all the work I have done so far, that was so powerful for me.

The most valuable thing I got from our session was acknowledging my accomplishments and releasing emotional tension. The feeling I had afterwards, the feeling of emotional solidness that was so cool.

What amazing healing work you do Caroline. I am very impressed and pleased.

Thank you again Caroline! : ) “

Clara Angelina Diaz, Success Coach, www.clarafying.com, USA

You Helped Me Tune into My True Thoughts and Feelings

“I have felt for a while that I am not quite connected to my true purpose although I know intuitively when I am in my bliss and what gives me bliss. You helped me ‘see’ that it is a matter of tuning into those things, being aware of them and doing more of them.

You have also helped me to take the first steps in overcoming the fear of moving in that direction. Recognising my bliss and how that will inform my purpose as well as forgetting about the whole staircase – it is the first step that is important and then the next, so thank you for that.

I was amazed that we seemed to be so in tune, literally having the same thoughts! Though why this should amaze me I have no idea as I love all that kind of stuff! Maybe it was the pleasure in having the proof given to me, as it were. You helped me tune in to my true thoughts and feelings by gently guiding me and using your intuition.

Amazing experience. Thank you so much.”

Jakki. Spiritual Explorer, UK

I Feel Beautifully Clear

“When I contacted you, I was driving myself crazy because I was back in my familiar “circling” mode, lacking clarity and stopping myself because I was bumping up against my next layer of unconscious protection.

I knew what was going on, but as you know, knowing it and being able to get past it can be two very different pieces. And of course, the fact that I do this work myself can often double the frustration! LOL. But as we both know, it takes outside help to get to the root of your own unconscious patterns.

After our session together yesterday, I feel beautifully clear, energized, positive, excited and in motion, as I lay out my next steps. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Scout Wilkins, USA

I Had A Big Decision To Make

“Even before Caroline and I began our work together I was clear that there was a big decision I needed to make and had been unsure how to approach. It was around an event I had been committed to. I was feeling very frustrated on many levels because I knew I wanted to and could do it but I was not taking the actions necessary.

After our call I decided to postpone the event and created a plan for myself with the steps I need to take to be ready for it. Then today I got even clearer about it and what I felt I had originally wanted to get from it. I am now thinking about how I can have what I want for myself without the ‘push’ that was in my initial commitment. I feel so much calmer now I have made my decision about this.

Because I had committed along with another person I felt that I was going back on my word and letting them down. I can now feel that I am not concerned about anyone else’s thoughts or approval in the way that I was before. I am comfortable and happy answering to myself which is a really big shift. It means that I am getting on with the things I wanted to do for myself and my business in a much more focused and productive way.

I have also been able to step back and allow my adult daughters to take responsibility for their actions rather than jumping in and taking control of the situation when they were feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been able to extract myself and leave them to get on with it without feeling manic about it. The real difference is that I feel calmer. I am responding rather than reacting to situations.

When we were on our call together I realised I had a habit where I would zone out and allow others to have free reign to run roughshod over me and what I would have to say. That has now also changed, since our call I’ve been standing my ground. I haven’t let people cross boundaries in that way any more and it is amazing. I walked away from one situation last week and thought “YES!” I stood strong for me.

The session with Caroline has been really insightful and I’ve got lots of clarity from it. The session was truly hilarious. I’ve experienced tapping before but have never met anyone like you who combines tapping with laughter like you do, it’s brilliant. I would definitely recommend it. Who knew that change could be so much fun!”

Donna Still, UK

The Best and Quickest Way to Release Emotional Blocks

“Being guided through EFT with Caroline has been an extremely beneficial experience.

Caroline has the ability to listen and translate personal issues into the appropriate set-up phrases and she guides you effortlessly though a series of EFT rounds with great ease and a wonderful sense of humor which makes the entire process easy and fun.

This for me is the best and quickest way to release emotional blocks. Thank you Caroline for your gentle guidance and expertise!”

Amy Webster,  www.simplyraw.ch, Switzerland

Yoga for the Soul!

“Before our call I was curious and a little nervous as I know that this kind of work can go deep and I did not know what would come up. I was experiencing a feeling of struggle and chasing in my career and finances. I also felt a lack of energy and focus like I was hanging on by my finger nails on a cliff top.

As we worked I realised that so much happened in the last few years. During the session I felt really heavy, like I had concrete on my chest. I could not breathe, we tapped and released and gradually I was able to breathe deeply and fully into my lungs. I remember Caroline taking me under this concrete where I connected to my inner gold. The concrete turned to dust and I felt such inner lightness, peace and joy.

I had not realised how run down I was feeling. I felt safe with you and had a feeling of lightness and allowing. I became aware of how deep all of ‘my stuff’ goes, that I let go on one level and there is still more to release and let-go. It’s like Yoga for the Soul!

Since our session, things don’t bother me the way they did. I am more mindful of what is going on/how I feel and able to breathe and know it is only a temporary feeling and will pass. I am stronger, clearer and more sure of who I am — a flourishing rainbow embracing the light.

Thank you Caroline, you brought the light back into my world.

In peace, love and light”

Ntathu, UK

The Session ‘Joined the Dots’ For Me

“The consciousness shifting session was very useful, it ‘joined the dots’ for me on a number of things I have been working on.

I found Caroline to be intuitive, and she creates a very safe environment. It was a pleasure to work with her.”


Making that connection with my energy and clear focus on my vision

“I had just made the decision to go for my vision and my schedule rapidly filled up with everything else. I was experiencing zero creative energy and felt like my emotions were taking over which resulted in me feeling stuck, frustrated, resentful and very tired.

I found myself unconsciously tapping points on my face and it made me think about you Caroline and the very next day I got your e-mail that I had winners call! It was like you were sent to me. I was confident that this was the right thing for me and would move me onto another level.

Our call helped me to clear the fog and make the path clear to my vision so that my next steps can show up. The quality of how you work resonates well with me and enabled me to open up to you. I could feel stress being released.

I enjoyed the hands on nature of the work, liked being able to be responsible as well by tapping my body while connecting with the emotions. I relly felt the connection between my body, thought´s and felings. I liked moving through it and releasing, not getting stuck in the emotion.

One of the actions from our call was that I would create a picture, draw or paint the energy I was feeling, this way I can put it up and be reminded of the feeling on a visual level. The image that I painted came out of the work that we did, it is a powerful, magnetic type of energy, the session released that quality in me.

I felt like creating my picture was a process in itself. The sun has been shining on the picture in different places over the passing week and I now have just one final bit to add around the head. I’ve shown quite a few friends the picture and told them about our call together, they’ve looked at my picture and said it is beautiful, powerful and gives them goosebumps!

Since our call I feel more self confident, I said no this week where I would not have before. I have had the confidence to say yes to my vision and the picture I created has opened up the energy inside me and gives me a focus as well.

Caroline, I’ve been doing energy work for 15 years, some people are all over the place but what I really appreciated about you was the structured way that you worked with me. The most valuable thing for me is making that connection with my energy and the clear focus on my vision and the steps.

I found the session with you very powerful. Thank you.”

Yvonne Hayward, Intuitive Life Coach, Germany

Renewed Vigour in my Business and Personal Pursuits

“I was seeking clarity and was very uncertain, almost as if I had reached a dead end. So I thought…what have I got to lose?

Caroline’s methodology, a unique blend, helped me recognise my own fears and the feelings I had towards being successful.

As we worked together I affirmed what I held to be true, namely to keep my word to myself, simple as this may sound it has deeply resonated with me. It is a core guiding value for me and Caroline helped me rediscover it.

This in itself has shed a huge load that has allowed me to focus and given me a renewed vigour in my business and personal pursuits.

Try a session. You may not find what you want, but what you need.”

Deepak Amin, UK

The PIVITOL point in my week – I went from Struggle to Peace

When I first met Caroline, I knew that the Universe had brought her into my life for a reason. I wasn’t quite sure of that reason immediately, but I did know that every time I spoke with her, whether it was about our professions or just life in general, I felt happy, alive, and refreshed.

We had talked multiple times about what she did as a profession, but I never really understood it. Not because she didn’t explain it brilliantly, but because I couldn’t truly understand something I had never felt or experienced. The energy work Caroline does literally leaves you wanting to come back for more.

My first session I was in complete ignorance for what I was about to go through. I had no idea if I would leave our Skype session thinking “that was fun and a good experience” or “I don’t know if that really helped”. I didn’t feel either of those things; it was so much more!

I felt over the top. I felt completely calm and peaceful inside. I could breathe again. The tightness in my chest and shoulders was released. I had a clear vision on what I needed to do each and every day to be successful. The tasks that seemed so hard in my business and in my day-to-day life suddenly felt easy and manageable. I felt a tingly sensation in every part of my body by the time we were done; it was euphoric.

Caroline explained to me that I may feel a little tired because so much energy was moving inside of me and being released. I most definitely felt this the next day. But I will take a little exhaustion for a day if it comes with what happened next.

EVERYTHING was aligned; and it didn’t happen over time as I had thought it would, it literally happened within the next day or two. It actually shocked me a little. All of the things that I had been struggling with in life and business just worked themselves out.

Phone calls came from Employees that I wasn’t expecting, randomly professing their passion, energy, goals, and excitement for the coming quarter and New Year. My significant other was acting lighter and more stress free than he has been in weeks. Our relationship was almost Utopian and it felt like everywhere I went I was getting a “green light”.

I thought that the things that I was trying so hard to fix in my head, consciously, each and every day would take much more of a process to solve, when really all that needed to be done was to clear the energy, realign myself with the Universe, and take down the barriers that were blocking my path to success.

Any one reading this must understand that I am a girl with an open mind; very well educated, and have been taught to question everything. I was kind of skeptical going into my session with Caroline, but knew it couldn’t hurt to try just one session.

Skeptical as I may be in certain situations, I couldn’t deny the PIVITOL point in my week. The 4 days prior to working with Caroline were the exact opposite of what I experienced the 4 days after I worked with her. I went from struggle to peace and fluidity. It is as if I was standing in front of a house with multiple deadbolt locks on it doing everything I could to try to get in and then out of no where, Caroline took my hand, helped me find peace with the locked door and each individual deadbolt, then walked me around to the back where I was welcomed inside by open doors, big open windows, and a fresh breeze blowing through the house.

Thank you Caroline for giving me the gift of peace, tranquility, a feeling of effortlessness and light. You are phenomenal and helped me to bring perspective and ease to the most difficult situations. I will most definitely recommend you to all and will be back repeatedly for more!

To all of you on the fence, trust your instincts…that feeling that says, “just do it, take a chance, this could be the answer!” Those aren’t just feelings of possibility! Your body is telling you what it needs. Listen.

Jennifer Hedges, CEO, Washington, USA

 I Did Not Think Anybody Could Do Anything About It

“It was wonderful to work with you especially since you found that there was a deeper desire that I never mentioned because it has nothing, on the surface, to do with our everyday lives and that is what most people focus on.

Before our call I did not think anybody could do anything about it, that is why I did not mention it. I knew the truth about that desire intellectually, in my head, but I could not feel the ‘knowing’ or connection of it inside me.

During our call when you checked and told me there was a higher priority I knew where we had to go. It brought tears to my eyes.

Then the next day I read the statement and it looked ridiculous, and of no more use. ‘Of course’ I am that. Now I KNOW it. I am in it. Boundless space and I am sitting in it!

Things have actually shifted. I am far clearer. There were many things I knew I needed to do but just could not, now I feel ABLE to do them.

Thank you so much Caroline.”


From Stuck to Flowing

“I was feeling very stuck and overwhelmed in general before my sessions with Caroline. Her unique blend of healing/coaching modalities and incredible ability to help me find the answers from within myself over 2 Skype calls is nothing less than miraculous!

Caroline is very intuitive and was totally tuned in to me the entire time. Probably more tuned in to me than I was to myself as she even knew I needed to have a drink of water and when I needed to exhale and let something go. I felt fully cared for which led me to a deeper level of caring for myself than I had been experiencing.

One suggestion to separate home office from home life seemed incredibly difficult but a small change of putting all business things away in the office and not in sight of the living room actually lifted a large weight from my energy and gave me an entirely new perspective.

Thank you Caroline! I would recommend you highly to anybody on any stage of their personal development.”

Dianne Purdie, Entrepreneur, USA

A Huge Weight Lifted

“In my consciousness shifting session with Caroline we focused on an issue that I’d been struggling with for a few weeks – and quite a lot longer as I discovered during the session! Caroline was calm and positive and I felt she was really listening, which helped me to feel comfortable right away.

Caroline described the technique she uses as being more of a partnership with her guiding at times, which made me feel more in control and less anxious. On this particular issue I felt a huge weight lifted from me by the end of the session and a real feeling of release. Sincere thanks Caroline.

This was my second session with Caroline, the first being a few weeks ago when we focused on my artwork and a creative block I had. After the session I had a really positive experience of being inspired and really enjoying my artwork. Since then I’ve had some great compliments on my paintings too, which felt wonderful.

I definitely recommend a session with Caroline, you’ll find the experience can really make a positive difference!”

MC, Artist

I Didn’t Expect To Clear So Many Things At Once!

“I found you through the internet and Laughter Yoga, when I was looking at your site I saw your ‘5 Steps to Living Your Life on Purpose’ e-book and signed up for that.

Months later I had just returned from Europe and some training and it was very hard for me to get back into my job. I was asking in my head “what is the next step”, “what do I want to do”, “how can I…” when your e-mail arrived. I had won the winners call for July 2014, I thought “maybe this is what I need”.

I brought lots of things to our call about my job, about what might happen, how I felt about it all. When we started to talk, everything fell into place, answers, yes, this was what I needed, everything. It was an energetic clearing of issues and blockages.

After the session I had this floating feeling, like energetic feelings I have had before so I knew it was working and I felt very good for it. I didn’t expect to clear so many things at once! Now those worries and fears have somehow disappeared or are far smaller, I am more confident, I feel better within myself when I am in front of others, I can say what I want to.

The day after our call I was surprisingly conversational with colleagues about controversial topics. I wouldn’t have said my opinion or spoken about it before.

Then I had quite a deep conversation with another colleague who has a view which is the opposite of mine, I calmly said what I felt. Afterwards I was a little bit shaky and worried I had said too much then I thought “No, that is what I think”. I also was more open with some colleagues about myself, before our call I would have felt embarrassed to say about it but I felt quietly confident.

I went away on holiday which was great and I felt great. I felt more intuitive, confident and trusting about starting something I had been thinking about and realised I was taking it seriously. I’m researching it now, excited and ready to change my career and the direction I want to follow.

The key difference for me after our call together has been the decisions I took during my holiday about my ideas, then when I got back home, with my job. In my job you are kind of expected to do extra things in your own time, I got clear that I was not willing to do that anymore and I felt relaxed about my decisions and saying no. My feelings about work have improved, changed as well, I don’t care as much about how it goes.

The most valuable things in our call were some of the statements, like I am present, it’s alright to be seen – I’ve really been aware of those and connected to them over the past two weeks, being present within myself.

I would recommend you to others, I have a friend going through hard times at the moment and I’ll be telling her about you.

Thank you Caroline.”


An Exciting Place of Possibilities and Empowerment

“I am aware that I have some inner walls to let down. I worked with Caroline over 2 calls. I felt in good hands throughout. During our calls, I experienced ‘tapping’ for the first time. I was curious and quite surprised at how this felt – gentle, yet powerful. I experienced instant gratification from the things that we were clearing together! The space we worked in felt very lovely – Spiritual in fact.

The place that I was experiencing fear around, I realize and feel it now, is actually an exciting place of possibilities and empowerment. I was able to fully step into that and feel it during our calls together, and since.

Caroline’s skilful techniques and intuitions were right on and the insights I gained as a result were powerful. She helped me shift my energy in a big way. I love my simple yet very profound Statement of Being – it really works for me.

Immediately after the calls, I created a Vitality Plan. I’m now doing a lot of things that are helping me create the platform where I am ready to both allow and receive. I’m amazed at how the work we did has had a deep impact in different areas of my life. I feel a renewed sense of clarity and energy.

I loved our work together Caroline, it was really beautiful – I got so much from it. Thank you. ”

Jo Chevin 

Clarity and Insight

“Wow, it was absolutely amazing to work with you Caroline. I had been struggling for years with the decision about whether to work as a healer or not. I now know I will and I am absolutely looking forward to it. I have already started reading about herbs and healing stones.

I never would have thought that it was myself who was standing in my way. I always used to blame my stagnation and inability to move forward on outside circumstances. During our call together you showed me the things I needed to see so I was finally able to dissolve them. I feel so refreshed and powerful.

So many things happened for me after our session. My creativity is on track, I never would have guessed that I am so creative. I started to sew and I allow myself to draw (I always thought I am sooo not good at it. :) ). A lot of ideas are building in my head and everything is flowing.

Thank you so much!”

S. Viehmeyer

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