The Creativity & Wellness Summit Starts Today!

CreativityWellness2014SpeakersWhoot Whoot!

Today, the 20th of May 2014,  is the day that the Creativity and Wellness Summit 2014 starts. It kicks off tonight!

Krylyn has brought together 16 experts (myself included) who will be sharing powerful techniques over the next 4 weeks so that you can:

  • Be creative no matter what type of personality you have
  • Discover how creating a new business model is similar to writing a song
  • Learn new strategies to stimulate excitement for you and your lover, inside and outside of the bedroom
  • Add more fun, laughter and play to everything you do, even if you’re the most serious person in the world
  • Shift your energy around money and create more financial abundance
  • Create a business aligned with who you are
  • Combat the frustration and fatigue that can plague your progress
  • And so much more!!!

Is it really for FREE? YES, it is our gift to you, just sign up for the Summit at: Creativity & Wellness Summit 2014 and you can listen to all of the speakers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays every week for the next 4 weeks for FREE, and when you sign up you’ll get access to fabulous free bonuses too (including my ‘5 Steps to Living Your Life on Purpose e-book full of practical tips to living your life deliberately!)

All the speaker interviews (mine as well) will be recorded, so even if you can’t make the calls live, sign up anyway because I know you’ll get great value from the recordings. I’ll be speaking on the 5th of June, really hope to see you there :)

Until we meet,

Caroline Mx

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